Cord Hole and Grommet      Order a Replacement Grommet

   A Cord Hole and Grommet is included with every cage.       
Pictures are taken from inside the cage
  Grommet Liner inserted into the cord hole
  The Grommet with one power cord
  Several power cords or probes
      can fit through the grommet
  When the cord hole isn't needed
      the grommet plugs the hole
  Cord Hole :
A Cord Hole provides an opening into the cage for
power cords, misting systems, probes, etc.
  Grommet :
A Grommet cleans up the appearance of the Cord Hole.
It also provides a way to block off the hole.
  • The grommet consists of two parts  - a Liner and a Cap.
  • The Cap has a sliding door that will close off the
    opening after the power cord is through.
  • The Cord Hole can be closed off when its not used.
  Cord hole diameter is approx. 2" to 2.5"  which is large enough for
     almost any power cord plugs.

This is another type of grommet that we use :
Cap and Liner
Cap rotates to make room for cords.
Cap closes off the opening when not in use.

 One Cord Hole and Grommet is included with every cage

    Order a Replacement Grommet :    
  This is the same grommet that was included with your cage  ( but you may have lost it ! )
  For our  24"L Cages   For our  36"L, 48"L, and 60"L Cages  
      Grommet $8 ea.          Shipping $9  (any quantity)         Grommet $9 ea.           Shipping $9  (any quantity)  

Each Grommet includes a Cap and Liner.     Color - Black

Showcase Cages ships by FedEx, UPS, or USPS to your door every business day of the year anywhere within the contiguous U.S.


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