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Our Quality Products
and Service
is greatly appreciated
  by our customers ...
  Hi !
I was super excited to find your cages. I also love that you have Display Stands. That makes it so much easier. I'm really excited to have a matched and attractive set of cages for my beardies.
I also am looking forward to the way that the lights are handled and planned. Having the slot to slide
the UVB is great.
Also, having a way to run the cords out the back means that I can appreciate a much tidier appearance.

Thanks for making such great products Mark,
   My son will be thrilled!!  

- Robert            VA.

I am impressed, and really like your product and features.
- Jim           TX.

Hi Mark,
We received the cage today and it is beautiful.
- Many thanks,   Anne

Hello !
I have been looking at your enclosures and they are by far the best I've ever seen...
  ( trust me, I have been looking for over a year ).
I dont know anyone who offers the quality that you do !
- Thank  you, Catherine

I've had many a friend rave about your cages
I've seen them in person and even cleaned a number of them in your various sizes.
I'm in LOVE with these cages and will indeed be transferring my reptile room ( of many glass and wire
critter cages ) into a single unit of your cages for my reptile zoo !

I'm about to buy a columbian rainbow boa and your cages look awesome !
Thanks !!
- James

Hello Mark,
These are some seriously impressive cages !
- Glenn          CA.

Hi Guys,
I am shopping online for an attractive cage for our Bearded Dragon that my son is getting soon.
There are no nicer cages anywhere !    I love the look of yours !

I think your cages are beautiful, functional, and quite well made.
In fact, my wife who is a veterinarian, has recommended them for a number of her clients.

Hello !
We recently bought one of your amazing cages –  and love it !
We really thought yours was the best - and it is !

Dear Mark :
Our new cage is great !  Thank you so much.
I have stacked it on top of the first cage we got from you.
I've recommended you to another lizard owner who babysits our lizards !
- Best Regards,  Alison

I recently received my Showcase Cage and Stand. I love the them !
Thanks for the fast delivery and quality products.  Thanks again.
- Jo         Nebraska

  I want to say I am amazed by the quality of your products.
  - Clayton           TN.
  Finding the right size Stand has been difficult,  but you guys came through.
I can't thank you enough !   Thank you very much.
  - Allan
  Hello !
I purchased one of your 48" cages recently for a pair of rattlesnakes, and it is by far my favorite
cage. The flush lighting is superbly done.  The lower height of the heat lamp makes it easy to heat
the cage with a lower watt bulb, and the overall appearance of the cage has a truly professional
look and feel.
  - Thanks,  Chris L.         Arizona  
  I LOVE MY NEW CAGES & so do my animals !  Thanks so much !  
  - Becky        PA.  
Thank you for your wonderful reptile habitats. So far we've stacked up 3 of your 48"L cages.
My wife and I really appreciate your company being up front with the shipping cost -
which is the most reasonable we've seen
Your competitor informs you by email what your paying for shipping only after you've paid for their cages, not very ethical, and it was much more expensive than you guys.
Showcase Cages is fast and professional and a pleasure to do business with.
We, and our beardies, love your cages and look forward to getting several more of the 48"L.
  - Lori W.       Florida  
  Love your cages-- they are handsome, as easy to clean and maintain as you say they are, and provide enough options for heating and lighting to make my pets comfortable-- and all at a very reasonable price. My animals seem to be thriving in them. I'll be back !!!
Thank you !
  - Susan            Virginia  
  I am getting the cages and stands from Showcase Cages because I like how the lights are hidden, and they look like furniture. Beautiful !  
  - Lisa  
  I am very much looking forward to moving my snakes into these cages.
From what I hear about your cages I am sure I will be ordering more in the future as my
young snakes grow up. These cages are the new homes of a yellow ratsnake and a pair
of corn snakes.     Thanks !
  - Chris            Albuquerque, NM.  
I would definitely recommend Showcase Cages. They are very well built and well suited for my bearded dragons - way better than the other ones Ive seen for sale.
 - John

Im a lover of reptiles and I got your cages for my living room to show them off in style !
     Great Design !!!!    I Love them !     I will be ordering more.

- Thanks, M.H.  
  Hi There,  
  I just wanted to let you know I love my 48" cage I bought a few weeks ago. It's been terrific.
I am thinking about getting another 48" cage.
LOVE your products and will recommend them to anyone !      Thanks so much   : )
  - Maelynn  
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