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Our Quality Products
and Service
is greatly appreciated
  by our customers ...

  I love the cages that you guys make.  I've had mine for 10 years and they are still going great.  
  - Thank you,  Kevin       OH.  
  Hi Mark,  
  The Cage and Display Stand arrived today, thank you for that !!! ... We love them.
Our 3 Toed Box Turtle seems quite pleased as well.

Amazing packaging....truly. I was so impressed by the corner protection inserts and really just
how every part was perfectly packaged.
Everything protected and yet not challenging to get things out easily.
  And very clear instructions for the Display Stand, the Cage, Keylock, Grommet, etc...  
  - Thanks again for the beautiful enclosure and Display Stand !  
  The cage I just received from you is excellent !   Thanks so much.  
  - Stephen   FL.  
  I recently purchased two of your 48" cages and a Display Stand.    I LOVE your cages and Stands.  
  - Many Thanks, Sara  
  The cages we've just received from you look absolutely amazing !!  
  - Kelly          Florida  
  Hello Mark,
We have received all the new cages and love them !
Thanks, again !

- Caitlin       Senior Keeper         Aquarium of the Pacific, California

I am still in awe at my amazing cage Ive just received from Showcase Cages. 
I will never buy a reptile cage from any other company again.   Thank you so much !!!!!
- Sarah

The two 48" cages arrived today and they look amazing !!!!
I am just setting them up now and I am very impressed with the fit and finish,
and the look of the enclosures is just awesome .
- Thank you and be well.    David K.

  Hello Showcase Cages,
I am writing from the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.
We have finished replacing all of our reptile holding cages with your product !
Thank you so much for your time and help.
  - Senior Keeper      Aquarium of the Pacific      Long Beach, CA.      
  Good Afternoon,  
  I am looking for a new cage because the one I have is over 10 years old and is pretty beat.
I came across your website and absolutely love the design of your cages.
  - Thank you, Courtney  
  Those are the best looking, functional and versatile cages I have ever seen !  
  - Dan  
  Good morning Showcase Cages !
I wanted to let you know that my cage arrived today and its just perfect.
I am so pleased with everything I purchased from you !
Also, I could not be more impressed with the Display Stand and its strength and design.
- Have a great day !     Aleena

  Hello !
I just received two cages from Showcase Cages and absolutely love them -  as do my Bearded
Dragon and Corn Snake.  We love having two beautiful display cages for our animals.
- A.N.
  I am getting a red tailed boa, and Ive been looking online for cages.
I cant get over the quality of your cages and how great they are !
There are no other cages can even compare.
  - Lynn  
  I just purchased a cage from your site.  My son has an albino corn snake.
The cages look beautiful !!
Thanks !
  - Kevin  
  Love the cage I bought from you !
The plants I use in the set-up love the light / humidity.
There will definitely be more room for my gecko in my new cage.
  - Monica  
  Hello !
Your cages really look awesome !
I ordered the 36" x 24" x 24" cage in the Sandstone color.
- Thanks, Erika
  Hi Showcase Cages,  
  We have done a lot of searching to find a company that makes affordable and professional enclosures. Your products look great and you have, quite easily, the best website out there,
Very informative and easy to navigate.
  - Thank you,
   Molly                     Executive Director         Museum of Natural History

Hello -

  Your cages are beautiful, practical, and efficient !  

- Sherry        Animal Department Director          Museum of Life and Science

  I really like the look and thoroughly thought out design of your cages and am looking forward
to purchasing several of them.

- Thanks, David

  Hi Mark,  
Thank you so much !   I can't wait for my cage to arrive.
I have been doing quite a bit of shopping and found nothing that compares to your cages !
  - Brent  


  I wanted to express our thanks for making such an amazing product. Since October,
my wife and I have purchased eleven of your cages, we couldn't be happier with them !
Their brilliant design allows us to use our vast collection of light domes and fluorescent strips,
which are all positioned safely on the outside of the enclosures, while at the same time the cages
remain stackable. Thank you !
  - Sincerely, Matthew        New Haven, CT.  
  Dear Showcase Cages :  
We got our two new cages the other day. Thank you for accomodating our last minute request.
I was concerned that the two new cages wouldn't match the three others we got over five years ago.
My concerns were completely unfounded. They match perfectly.
This is not only a testament to the consistancy of your production, but also to your quality !
Five year old cages still look and function as new.
Thanks and I look forward to our next order as the collecton grows.

  - John F.  
  I received my cage yesterday for my bearded dragon.  LOVE IT ! 
  - Thanks, Kathy  
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