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Our Quality Products
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   A Customers Review :

What I am reviewing here are the cages by Showcase Cages.

The particular model is the  48" Long, 18" High,  24" Deep.
I have four of them in the Desert Granite color.


When looking for a cage, or cage design, I was mainly looking for a quality “display”
cage. Meaning that I would not feel ashamed to have friends see it, and also a cage that I
would still enjoy years down the road.
It needed to look good and show my snakes off well. I am proud of my snakes,
and LOVE showing them off (as I'm sure most people do)!
With Showcase Cages, the cages have character. I like character. And I don't mind if it
has quite a bit of character. This is one thing I liked about Showcase Cages from the
get-go, as most other companies produced cages with no character.
I love the way Showcase Cages look, as they are tight and give a feeling of "organization"
and security.  But in this instance, the character of a these cages won me over.


Another concern I had was lighting. If I'm going to display my snakes, I need to be able to
see them! All the Showcase Cages have a recessed area that spans the entire length of the
cage allowing for a full 48” fluorescent fixture to be used!
Heating can also be done on the outside. There is a large recessed area in the back for a
large dome light or ceramic heat emitter, or you can use the heat pad recess on the bottom
of the cage.
Either way these cages allow for full stackability without the light fixtures getting in the way.
If you prefer radiant heat panels, there is a cord hole and grommet provided in the back for
cords to go through. So, no cutting required. It’s another great feature that’s included !


Ease of cleaning was another concern for me, as I wanted it to be fairly easy and
not a "chore".
With Showcase Cages, all the edges and corners are rounded making cleaning a breeze.
Some other companies had cages with hard edges and corners that you had to claw at to
get clean. This rounded-corner feature was just one more bonus that I could add here.
I have to say that I would not consider a cage without the rounded edges and corners.
It is not only a convenience but also a safety measure:  if you can't clean it, how are you
going to clean it?  Hard edges and corners allow for bacterial growth and allow a place for
mites to hide. Not a problem with Showcase Cages !


Showcase Cages are made of a Polyethylene plastic, making them lightweight and easy to
maneuver, not to mention strong!  I can jump on these things, no worries.
Also, this plastic is rated as some of the best in durability and safety. It was important to
me to find quality cages of quality plastic. I don't want to risk the health of my reptiles!
This plastic also allows for a one-piece design...meaning, no gluing, welding, etc.
It comes to you pre-made, and ready to go.
This one-piece design makes it totally leak proof...   no worries!


These cages have sliding glass doors. The sliding glass creates a very viewable environment.
The doors lift out when cleaning time comes.

For security purposes I got the optional Keylock.This prevents the doors from being
opened in any way, shape, or form. 

The tempered glass doors on Showcase Cages is a big bonus that most companies
don’t do !


A note on customer service...most cage companies have fair customer service,
but I found Mark to be extraordinarily helpful. He took time to answer all my questions,
which actually took a lot of time!  Any time I've talked with him, I always feel as though I
can call anytime, and it is not a problem.

In regards to the time it takes to get a cage from Showcase Cages,
here is another interesting note:   
I have never had to wait more than a few days for my cages to arrive at my doorstep!
Many other cage manufacturers would have you wait up to THREE MONTHS
for a cage... not so with Showcase Cages !

I first did not realize how fast the shipping was from Showcase Cages until  I rescued a
six foot boa and had no cage for her.
She had to deal with a 40 gallon until the cage came in just days later.
As of now, I have yet another Showcase Cage on the way !

This is my review and endorsement of the great products from Showcase Cages.

I am a very satisfied customer and hope you enjoyed the review.     Thank you !

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